-22 Celsius and I’m still alright


We were not allowed to go outside today due to extreme weather. It was so dangerous that if your bare skin is exposed to the weather, you tend to get frostbite within 10 to 15 minutes. I have never experienced such coldness before in my life. Tomorrow public places like schools and malls will be closed as well due to continuing increment weather. That means I have to stay in Dr Amano’s house for another day until I can go to the Vanests’ and stay with them on Wednesday. My dorm is opening again on Saturday the 11th, just a few days before the semester starts. It is ridiculous thought because we will have only two days to get everything ready for Monday class. Booo.

In this picture, I challenged myself with the coldness outside the house by wearing just a T-shirt and shorts. I was exposed less than one minute just to get awesome pictures taken by Dr Amano. It was really really cold.

IMG_5576 IMG_5579

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